Competition. Camaraderie. Community. 

The name says it all.

Since 2018, Boston Golf & Social has been bringing New England golf junkies together for a series of unique outings at some of the region’s most beloved golf clubs. As the golf world continues to splinter from the top down and logo-chasers seek out the next Top 100 pelt for their peg board, BGS remains focused on the core element at the heart of the game we all love: community. 

Our events run the gamut from individual net stroke play to scrambles to two-player team formats, and we’ve been known to get a little wacky at times (Golf Prom @ Hooper, Big Cups @ Hooper, Night Golf @ Hooper… the Hooper team knows how to party).

Everyone is welcome, and although most events have a competitive element, the main goal is to have fun. We’re fortunate to have a terrific group of regular players who make it to most of our events, and watching new attendees seamlessly integrate into the group makes all the hard work worth it. Check out our schedule of events and we’ll see you on the course.